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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pacific Northwest Summer 2010

We have been busy all summer and are now in San Diego area for awhile. Here's a few places we were this summer.
We hiked to this beautiful lake in the Cascades....Heather Lake. it was a beautiful hike with Christi (our daughter) and the grandsons. It was a great day!

Some of the hikers

Pend Orielle Lake in Bayview Id....the site for our Family reunion.


Clark Fork River, Montana where we kayaked.

Deer season in Hope Idaho???!!!

Pend Orielle River, Ione WA. Kayaked here.

Little lake off the Clark Fork River, Montana

Pend Orielle River, Metalline Falls, WA (NE corner...the forgotton corner)
Couldn't kayak this beautiful gorge due to the closure of the dam. They were dropping the river 27 ft and no access to a pull out point. Maybe next year, it's on the bucket list!
Took the motorhome across the Columbia River on a VERY small ferry barge. it held one big rig and 6 cars. Quite a thrill! Note that we are in the water on the GPS.
Hiked at Smith Rock outside Bend, Oregon.
Hiked to Benham Falls...not really a falls but one heck of an E ticket ride!
Downtown Bend, Oregon
Tumalo Falls, outside Bend
Paulina Falls @ Paulina State Park, OR

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  1. I keep trying to leave message but me and computers don't like each other...you guys look great I'm so happy for you and wow great pics...how is everyone? I would love to hear from ya ronniesred@yahoo.com drop me a line. Great to see ya both, Kendra