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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ohio River Flooding-Louisville Ky

We drove along Riverfront Park one day but most of it was under water and streets were closed. This was after the Ohio River had receded 40-50' back.

I slipped in the mud, following Dan where he shouldn't have been going, and fell in the river. I was wet and muddy! What you don't see is the camera that went with me. Luckily not in the water, just the mud!

Poor Abe....he almost drowned!

Street lights

Any one for a BBQ?

Parking space

Play and swin at the same time

Now that's flooded!

Dan thinks he can walk on water

You couldn't even get into the parking lot of this park

Yes, that's a street that goes around the "building"

A better view of the street behind

This is one driveway down from where we were staying

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