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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We had a great time doing the Bourbon Trail between Louisville and Lexington KY. It took us two full days of "tasting" to do all of them. They were in beautiful country. We passed many thoroughbred horse farms. They are ginormous and gorgeous. You didn't see many horses out though, with the weather being what it has been. They live a good life!

Dan at the end of the Bourbon Trail

1/2 of our passport=t-shirt saying we mastered them all!

No tastes here :(

Heaven Hill.....distributor of many different alcoholic beverages.

The "Tasting"

Our 2nd favorite...of course it was the select reserve!

Dan and the master brewer.

One of the MANY rickhouses where 1.8 million barrels sit aging fir YOU!!

The oldest distillery...the buildings are on the historical register.

Moonshine.....Mad Dog...White lightening....130-160 proof


Dan might have had a few too many tastes!

Beautiful grounds

We liked a couple of these.

The limestone water source makes the bourbon. That's why 95% is distilled here in Kentucky

Our favorite!

Bourbon straight out of the barrel!

Rickhouse where they age the bourbon

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