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Monday, July 11, 2011


We have had a great time in PA but it is time to move on to another state.  We will be heading to New Jersey from here.
The Mack truck factory was an amazing tour, walking the assembly line from beginning to end.  It was astonishing how much is put together by hand in this tech age! 
Lancaster County
Perkiomen River near Green Lane
Green Lane Reservoir where we took a hike.
OUR infamous parking ticket
Yuengling Brewery was not only a great brewery but filled with history as it has been in production since 1831 in this very building. 
Where they used to keep the kegs before refrigeration. 
Dan at the bar....notice how many glasses he has!
Me at the bar with one glass!
We learned how chips and pretzels are made.....free samples too! 
Got to see how Harleys are assembled....but we couldn't actually see the assembly line because the 2012's haven't been introduced to the public yet! 
Saw how Wolfgang chocolates are made....mmmmmm! 
The State Capitol in Harrisburg is absolutely beautiful!
The building next door is also beautiful and is being restored
The campground in Hershey
Lancaster  County
We are now expert pretzel twisters......and have eaten a lot of them, but we do have our favorite but you can only get them locally.
Amish family working in their field....chasing a calf!

This IS the factory tour at Hershey
Dan enjoys the free Ice Cream

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