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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New York Baseball

Continuing on our quest to see all the ballparks in the country, Yankee Stadium turned out to e a big disappointment.  We barely got a tour for $54, not to mention all the tolls to get there!  Once inside it was nothing special....surely not what we expected.

You don't want to wander to far from the ballpark! 
Law breaker...rebel!
Cooperstown...a very special place.....also a real tourist town.
The negro league played so much more of a part of baseball history than we ever realized.

 These statues were wood.  They were incredible...so lifelike!

Couldn't resist..don't really know why this was there!
Where the first game of baseall was played, so the story goes. 
Cooperstown ballpark...you even sing Take me out to the ballgame. 
Mets ballpark....incredible....makes me want to be a Met fan.  Designed y the same woman that designed Petco Park in San Diego.
Havin' fun

This is today's starting line-up when you enter the ballpark....how cool is that! 

One of the "clubs"

Callin the bullpen

Me & Mr Met...he's so cute...

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