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Saturday, October 15, 2011

St Louis

St Louis is a great city.  Nothing like what we thought....as so many cities we've been to.
Old Capitol before it moved one of the times
The Arch to the west

At the top of the Arch
Look at that small opening into an extremely small pod  to be closed in to go 600+ ft up to the top of the Arch.  Now that may not seem like much to most of you.  However, I have claustrophobia and a fear of heights!  This was a major feat for me (but I was determined I wanted to do it!).  I almost jumped out before the door closed.....glad I didn't!  The height didn't bother me but really didn't want to come down!!!!!  5 people crammed into that little thing!  
The view

The Cardinals Ballpark
Great view of the city
All the greats baseball cards all around the ballpark 
August Busch....the first naming rights in baseball stadiums!!!!

The field ready for the playoffs....go Cards!

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  1. Absolutely awesome photos you guys are getting! Hope you've had an equally awesome experience on your journey!