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Friday, November 4, 2011

Dallas area Texas

Our beautiful backyard in Point, Texas about 45 minutes east of Dallas area.

The Texas Rangers Stadium as they are on the way to St. Louis for game 6 of the World Series.

Now these are some sweet seats!

The Cowboys Stadium.....absolutely incredible!  Even if you aren't a football fan you would love the tour. 

One of the fantastic clubs 
There is art all over the stadium.  They even have art tours! 

Buy a car while you're at the game!
The Cotton Bowl area
The largest high definition TV in the world.  It runs from 20 yd line to 20 yd line.  It is indescribable.
Dan's favorite part....the Cowboy cheerleaders locker room.
The Miller Lite Club where the team enters the field.  Great bar seats!

Playin' in the locker room

Playin' on the field
Almost makes you want to become a cowboy fan!
And.....goodbye to Dallas

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