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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

More So Cal

Today we drove to LA see Dodger Stadium, # 13 on our quest to see all the major league ballparks.  It's very different from any other we have seen.  SOOOO 60's...kind of like a blast from the past....frozen in the 60's.  Not wowee....just 60ish!!
LA skyline from the stadium.  Now it had rained all night and so the sky was quite clear..HA

The views from the stadium are quite spectacular on a clear day
Notice the Hollywood sign on the hill

Only the second time we've been able to touch the grass.  The groundskeepers are very touchy!
We all know how happy the "dogs" make Dan

Notice the Think Blue sign on the hill outside of the ballpark
A few of our feathered friends we have in our backyard.

This girl needs a fashion makeover!
A hot dog found....AND no not from Dan!

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