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Monday, September 17, 2012

More San Diego

Well, here we are still in San Diego where we have been for the last 8 of 10 months.....Time for us to get back to our lives!
We do enjoy visiting with good friends here like Clark & Karen who taught Dan to make a skinnyrita.....he's hooked!
Nothing more inspiring than being at a 92nd Bday party and getting advice from the bday girl!  I met her 47 years ago! 

Party goers........these are having way too much fun!!
Dan & our "adopted" grandaughter
20 or 30 of these little party animals were there too!
Fun in Julian, the Apple capitol
Love watching our grandgirls play soccer
Our neighbor
A well earned break from working at the Petco Park and a Padre win!
Beer before the game.....
No hot dog for Dan.....just beer during the game....
Can't get much better seats than these

Yes, we were guests of the Premier Club....
And they brought baseball food to your seat.....ok, Dan couldn't resist a Randy Jones Hot Dog!
Padres win  Padres win
Trolley ride to the ballpark.....where I lost my Betty's RV hoody....:(
Caught the few hours of bloom on the cactus at our house. 
Working on our house getting it ready to sell.....sure hope it sells soon!

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