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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Omelette Festival

I have wanted to go to the Omelette Festival ever since we started going to Louisiana and we finally made it.  It is part of a cultural exchange of French culture.  Chefs from 6 other cities in the world come.  We saw 5,028 eggs get scrambled with all the goodies. They add one more egg each year starting with 5000.  It starts out with a parade of all the chefs (chevaliers). 

It wouldn't be complete without the Tabasco girls from Avery Island right up the road. 
Cracking the eggs
The Grand Chevalier
Putting the pan over the fire when it is ready
Adding the oil.....
The priest and the original Omelette Queen after blessing the fire and pan
Adding the onions...
bell peppers.....
 lots of eggs
 of course crawfish...... 
and finally tabasco sauce by the tabasco girls
Scramble them up
The Grand Chevalier tastes and declares it done. 
NOW, it's time to eat....along with rounds & rounds of homemade bread from the local bakery.....Yummmm!
Dan's new Christmas decoration painted by our good friend and artist Lori.

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  1. Love the post and miss you guys. Looks like a fun time. See you in Feb.