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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pretty Places in WA/OR from this summer.....

So....just a brief  back up of some of the pretty spots we saw this summer when we were too busy to blog.... 
Wallace ID....working!
Murray, ID...working again! 
Waterfalls in WA.....lots!

Crystal Falls 
Gorge Falls along Hwy 20
 Boundary Dam looking into Canada
Elk Trail ...great hike!
Mill Pond
Kayaking up the Pend Orielle River
Pee Wee Falls on the Pend Orielle River
Camping on the Columbia River
N Umpqua River
One of the Covered Bridges in Oregon
N Umpqua
N Umpqua Susan Falls

Warm Springs Falls
 Clearwater Falls
Tokatee Falls
Crater Lake
Rogue River
Annie Springs
Pinnacles-Crater Lake
Family in Grants Pass


  1. I didn't know you sold jewelry and shawls. Can we buy from you while at Betty's?

  2. Nice post. Looks like you had a great summer.