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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

 We have finally made it to Denver.  We love it here.  The weather started out beautiful but is getting windy.  The Molly Brown (Unsinkable Molly Brown)house was very interesting.   Dan bought a book about her to learn more. 

We enjoyed walking around the neighborhood....beautiful old homes.  It kind of reminds you of the south.
Then it was off to the capitol.  Lots of fun art around the Denver art museum on our way.
Loved this one!
 Remember this horse!
Across from the Capitol

A bell at every Capitol

Very beautiful inside

Senate Chambers.  Beautiful stained glass everywhere

This was supposed to be one of two spiral staircases but they changed their minds and made one grand staircase so these are just holes that look down to the floors below.
OK....this is the original horse that was on the chair (earlier pic...remember?) It is now in the governors office.
View from the Capitol looking at the City Building which is equally impressive!


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