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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Abbeville LA

We are having nonstop fun here at Betty's RV.  Imagine that!  Everyday is a new experience at happy hour with new friends to meet and old ones returning.   
Every Saturday is a jam session....this one at the Erath Cafe Museum (Bar!)
The old foundry at the Jeanerette Sugar Cane Museum, where we got fresh raw sugar.
Bayou Teche behind the museum

Dan wanted to ride the donkey so bad!
Lot's of jam sessions.....lots of musicians here lately
Dan crossed jamming with Judy Bailey off his bucket list.  
Rocker Dan

Dan's a happy boy....look at that smile!

We were invited to the Perrin Family Farm for a crawfish Feast they put on for culinary college students learning about food and their cultures.  It was an incredible day with everything crawfish you could imagine in a beautiful setting. 

Crawfish right into the pot......still swimming! 
Ready to eat  
Alligator meat ready to fry
We got to ride in the crawfish boat and watch them catch the crawfish!!
Now that's fresh crawfish!
Riding in the boat
The boys with our boat captain 
The girls.....notice the captain has a bigger smile on his face.

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