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Thursday, April 12, 2012

More fun in LA

Well, we are still here in Louisiana, staying at Betty's RV Park and having nonstop fun.  There's never a dull moment here.  Our Blog site has been down which put me behind but will be caught up soon. 
Jim came out in his hood and said there was a noreaster coming so all the men got prepared!
Girls day out
The "Mardi Gras" tree in Lafayette
Don Rich Band playing Swamp Pop in the square.  Great music.....good fun!
Everyone got into it.
St John's Cathedral in Lafayette is beautiful and lots of history
500 year old tree at the Cathedral
Saturday early morning outing with Jim & Nancy to Fred's Lounge in Mamou for the famous radio broadcast.
Yep....Bloody Mary @ 9:30am
We also visited the Cajun Music Hall of Fame and the Liberty Theater.  Dan had to get his picture with the giant guitar but they were closed.
Finally made it to the Swamp Tour for the first time with a small group from Betty's.  We saw a lot of alligators and birds.  It was a great experience.
This heron is swallowing a big fish!
Beautiful ducks.....just can't remember what kind they were.
Dan holding a baby alligator that the tour guide picked up out of the water.
Mama gator......and she was NOT happy and only a couple feet from me!!!  Beauty isn't she??!!!!
Friends that went with us on the tour.
Betty got out her famous underwear.....it has to happen at least once a year.  It broke up the party!!!  

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