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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Due to technical difficulties with the computer we are behind on our blog so here is an attempt to bring us up to date on what we are doing.  
Betty and some of us girls went to Pierre Part to see Adam the woodman.  What a unique experience.  The guys really missed out.  Everyone should visit here once in their life.  Adam is quite the eccentric!  As you can see he has made things out of his cypress wood besides selling pieces.
These are the Swamp people
Tallest man in the world
The Ark
This is his back yard and his homemade fence.  Notice his yard is a swamp!
Big Foot in the swamp

He even has them floating in the river off his dock.

Even the Statue of Liberty
Adam poses with the girls
Dan has been enjoying playing music with Judy Bailey at Care centers in the area.  He even sings and does solos!!
Have to go to Tabasco factory for supplies.
We had a great time in new Orleans with new friends Paul & Peggy.  The boys may have had a little too much beer...HA!

The Basilica in Jackson Square
And, of course no trip is complete without a famous hot dog.
Another party at Betty's and Dan gets to play with friends.  This time was kind of sad as we were saying goodbye to good friends Jim & Nancy and Cal & Marie.
Merlene plays....sort of!
Dan gets a quick voice lesson from Judy.  He WILL be taking serious lessons from her this winter.
Good friends Jim & Nancy
Even Elmo & Elmolina got in on the fun....maybe a little too much for them!
The Die hard women plus Jim!
OOOOOPS someone missed the driveway.....sure made happy hour exciting.
Just another crawfish dinner
AND shrimp appetizer fresh off the boat.
Took a trip to Baton Rouge to see the Capitols
Great views from the top of the new Capitol.
We had a great lunch at a local spot

A quick stop at LSU stadium
Another party.....Betty's Birthday plus many more in March and an anniversary too.

Showing off our Betty shirts
Just another jam session/party
Jim is teaching us how to make his famous "green stuff".  Thank goodness since Dan can't live without it anymore.

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