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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mardi Gras and more....

Well, as usual, here at Betty's RV time gets away and I get behind on letting ya'll know what we are doing.  Believe me we are enjoying every day.  We experienced a lot of Mardi Gras with the group.  Our signs really helped get lots of beads.  No comments on my sign please!  We even met another couple from California at the parade.  Of course they were the first to notice the spelling.  

Gettin' lots of beads

Dan's Mardi Gras attire......yes he really did!
Chicken Run in Church Point.....what a great time.  The folks whose home we went to fed us and even had a band.
The revelers arriving
Fun dancing with the revelers

Betty's RV group

More Mardi Gras in Eunice
AND a great band and dancing in the street.
During Mardi Gras we went to Vermillionville, an acadian village where they were having Mardi Gras festivities.
We also were treated to a cruise on the river with our singing captain.  He even served Boudin and cocktails......a little funky but fun.
We all went to Martin Accordion Factory where we learned how cajun accordions (called melodions) are made and were treated to some great music and learned more about the acadian culture.  The cajun accordion works like a harmonica.
Of course Betty had to join the band.
Dan talking to Jr Martin
Kristi, the Gator Wrangler from Swamp people came and had Happy Hour with us one night and sang Amos Moses.
Lots of nights of music and lots of entertainers......Bernie was definitely a crowd pleaser!

Everyone gets in on the music
Dan is still playing at the nursing homes from time to time along with a couple others here.
Jammin' on the deck. 
The very talented Cal.


  1. You guys are sure still having a great time there! :) Our blogger friends Ray & Wendy are there at Betty's now too. Wish we were there!