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Friday, March 1, 2013

Cracklin Cookin Party

After being postponed in January due to LARGE amounts of rain, the Touchet's   Cracklin Cooking Party was on.  Many tents of people cooking cracklins with their own "flair".......all starting at 8am along with free beer and music starting at 10am.   
Yep....here's Dan with lots of "deep fried" stuff and beer about 9am!
AND then there was Jim who needed a walker by 10:30!
Beside cracklins there was "deep fried" everything you could think of.
Tator tots with cream cheese and jalapeno wrapped in bacon and deep fried.....oh yeah!
Music and dancing and more beer! 
Fun Fun Fun
 Some of the guys were doing their afternoon jam session..... 
Marie joined in.......
And Happy Hour began....early!
So much talent
Jammin' at the going away Potluck....we'll celebrate anything here. 
Ray brought the Jello shooters
 Betty liked the blue ones! 
Everyone has talent!!
One day we discovered that there was 11 men with the same "look", so of course we had to document that fact.

You can see that we can have fun here without going anywhere.

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  1. Waaa, we want to be there!! Hopefully in the fall we'll be down that way again. I see our friends Ray & Wendy fit right in!