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Monday, May 20, 2013

Oregon & Washington

From Idaho we went through the NE corner of Oregon where we spent my birthday touring the Pendleton Mill in Pendleton OR.....something I have wanted to do since the first time we went through here. 
Me & Sir Wooliam!
Pretty amazing how these intricate designs are done and how some is done by hand.
Well, Salt Lake City has Bison all over, and Pendleton has boots! 

Had a fantastic Birthday lunch at Prodigal & Sons Brewery and Pub, a farm to table restaurants with all local foods and craft beers! 
Happy Bday to me!
A great campground outside of town
And what a view!
Stopped in Baker City to see the Geiser Grand Hotel, although their wasn't really much to see.  We had hoped to meet up with an old friend of Dan's but unfortunately he wasn't home. 
On to WA where we made a pit stop in Moses Lake to see our lot.  We thought we had it sold but didn't work out at the last minute.  Here is Dan at our dock.  Wow, first time we have been on the water in our kayaks in what seems like forever!


  1. We are in Oregon now. I think Baker City is a place my Mom & Dad love to visit, and have stayed in that hotel! We are looking forward to exploring Oregon for the summer.

  2. Nice view and good to see the kayaks get wet. Our inflatable is itching to get in some of the pretty lakes here.
    Happy belated bday!