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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ancient Lakes WA

We had a beautiful view of the Columbia River from our campground in Crescent Bar WA.  The Columbia is one of the prettiest major rivers we have seen.

We found this wonderful area to hike around with lake after lake and waterfalls in the middle of nowhere.  You actually drive through a farmers field to get to the area 
These are all different lakes

Just amazing seeing waterfalls in such a landscape

The color of the water was incredible....from turquoise to Emerald green

Yes, Dan that's a LONG way down!

Walked down these rocks which are a lot higher and steeper than the pic looks!

Lots of fish and frogs too

This shows how we climbed down to the water

There were lots of pretty wildflowers in purples and yellows and whites
The Columbia River is out there in the distance

Snack time!

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  1. Beautiful place! Not sure if we'll be in Washington this time, but need to keep this place in mind :-)