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Saturday, May 18, 2013


Utah has been a great time for us.  The weather for the most part was great (a few snowflakes made it memorable!).  It is a great state with a lot to see.
We visited a few ghost towns near Zion.  Grafton is well preserved but not a tourist area by any means. 
Our good friends, Patty & Ed from San Diego met up with us in Hurricane on their way to Colorado and spent time with us.  We had a wonderful time!
Really good healthy pizza....you should have seen the great burger Ed had!!
Stayed a night in Santaquin, UT at a Harvest Host site.  It was great and picked up fresh cherry juice and other grains from the local farmers.  We refrained (barely) from the homemade ice cream.....with lots of sugar to quote the owner!   
Salt Lake City was amazing....so beautiful.  We visited with my cousins that I haven't seen for about 30 years....it was great!  Antelope Island in the Salt Lake is a very different place.  As you can see the snowy mountain backdrop makes for a beautiful sight.
Who ever thought to do anything on this island???!!!
A Ranch on the island.....amazing!

Bison roaming freely.....even on the beach
AND bison statues everywhere in Salt Lake City......lots of photo ops!
Oh yeah.....Antelope on the island too!
Temple Square is beautiful!  The flowers were absolutely breathtaking.  Here is the Tabernacle and the Temple 
View of the Temple through the beautiful landscape
The Temple behind of the many beautiful pools in the Square

Inside the Tabernacle....we did not get to hear any concerts 
AND more flowers!
And more water
The old Union Pacific Train Station.....entrance to a neat mall.....kind of reminds you of a mini River walk without the river
Inside the train station
Utah State Capitol building
More bison.....
View of the Capitol grounds from inside
Inside the Capitol


  1. Great photos, as usual. I'm knitting, Merlene, I'm knitting LOL.

  2. Great Post!! Keep up the slogoan:) Travel safe!!