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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Back to the west!

We have been slowly making our way to Washington for our grandsons graduation.  Dan is really missing all the music in LA.
We started out making our way across TX with a stop to see Sam Houston. 
Beautiful campsite in Whitney, TX along the River 

As we worked our way towards Lubbock we went through many small towns all with great old city halls. We had to stop and take pictures in every town! 
Loved this old gas station that was fixed up beautifully.

We stopped in New Mexico to see Billy the Kid's grave.  While inside the museum, the weather turned reeeally cold and high winds.  We found ourselves a RV park and hunkered down and put away our thongs and shorts and unplugged the water so it wouldn't freeze!
You have to stop in Winslow AZ for photo ops! 
Now this was quite a funky RV park but it was fun for pics and did the job overnight.
Enjoyed driving through the Navajo Bridge area of AZ.
This bridge opened in 1929!
Colorado River
On to Utah and Zion NP.
We had forgotten how beautiful Zion was.
We had a real bonus after a wonderful day hiking around the east side of Zion.  We were entertained by a couple families of big horned sheep. 

Yes it was a bit cold!  BUT beautiful and sunny.

We had never been to the other part of Zion...Kolob Canyons.  It is very small but beautiful.

Enjoyed lunch by the river in Zion a couple of days.

We love walking by water.
We camped right across from these Red Cliffs.....this is the view from our home.
We also visited some ghost towns where mining used to be......

This was a beautiful hike through the Red Cliffs along the stream to a couple of small waterfalls.

Spent one day touring St George and seeing the Temple there...
AND Brigham Young's winter home 
Then we played around town!
This..... friends is our motto.  We hope it is yours as well!


  1. Looks like you really enjoyed yourselves getting to Washington :) We'll be in Oregon all summer..workamping at a fish hatchery in Hebo. Hope we have good weather!

  2. Nice pics, looks like some cool spots.
    Yes, Life Is Good!

  3. Looks like the slo-gions are having fun. We stayed at the Root 66 RV park a couple of times. Travel safe!!!!