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Sunday, June 2, 2013

With family at last......

We are now by our daughter in Stanwood WA.  We always forget how beautiful it is here.....but we never seem to forget WHY it is so beautiful.  Sunny days are rare.  We came on a wonderful sunny day and didn't see another one for a week.  We are having some sun now mixed with clouds and rain.  We are learning to enjoy every moment of sun and the beauty it all brings.  Whatever the weather though, it is so great to see the family and how much the boys have grown....they are men now!   AND they are all great young men!
View from our campsite overlooking the sound. 
The beach along the campground here in La Conner (low tide).

 Our new sweatshirts from our daughter.....Washington...liquid sunshine
Got to see Eli get awards for Soccer
And Jericho get student of the year for one of his classes (CAD CAM)......can we say proud!
We just love the little town of La Conner and spending time just walking around town and going through all the unique shops and art galleries
Lunch on the water is always a bonus....notice the beautiful sun!

Now getting a serious family photo of this group is impossible....gotta love em!
We had never gone on the Boeing factory tour so finally did it.  It was quite interesting seeing how they make those huge birds.  These are planes fresh out of the paint hangar  
 Planes painted and going through testing before delivery to customers
One of the test flights coming in for a landing
Dan enjoying the museum
AND of course we had to take a plane out for a test drive
See the face! Merlene flying with head looking down at some little something.....and you wonder why she gets tickets!!!!!
Dan had a little trouble flying...LOL
 And you didn't know you could fly a Rolls.....
Experimental plane
Right down the street was the Mukilteo Lighthouse.  It had to be one of the smallest we have ever seen. 
Keepers house
 Yes, Dan HAD to ring the bell....over and over!
(all you Cajuns eat your heart out!)

We could sit here all day in the sun with this beautiful view
 WA transportation along the water

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