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Friday, May 24, 2013

Western WA

We had the most beautiful drive in the sunshine over the pass from eastern to western WA.  The rivers were amazing with so much water from the snow melting and waterfalls everywhere even along the highway.

This is a beautiful spot and there was even a place to pull off the highway and was able to hike down to the river.
Some very happy fisherman!
Our campground on the Skynomish River

This was our last glimpse of the sun for several days.....it is western WA!
Dan dressed for WA
Healthy banana pancakes before heading to Seattle
The Mariners ballpark was nice but very plain and not up there with the memorable ones!
Did love the great neon signs for food!
What can I say......it was part of the tour and Dan had the camera
One of  the high $$ clubs 
This a rare photo and valuable photo......guess who???
Padres #1.....Mariners #2
Gotta have our pic in the dugout!

Seahawks stadium was just another stadium as well.  I guess after seeing Cowboys and Colts stadiums, it's hard to compete.

 We understand the fans here in Seattle are great & are VERY LOUD!!!  Definitely the 12th man!
Chargers (notice the jacket) #1.....Seahawks #2
The stadium is also home to the Sounders, the soccer team. Soccer is huge here. 
These helmets are of all the high school teams in the state......thought this was very cool 
 Fancy club food

Dan's choice!

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  1. Nice, but have ya done Lambeau Field yet.) Dan needs Cals Gordon Fishermans hat to top it off.haha