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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Family & Friends in WA

We have stayed longer in western WA than planned but has been wonderful getting to spend more time with our kids and meet up with friends from other places right here!
View from our "home"
Lots of great healthy finds around the LITTLE town of Edison. Good cheese from the farm, fresh healthy homemade bread and locally distilled bourbon!  Oh yeah, local craft beer!  Good day!!!!! 
Dan & Sabin (our son-in-law) getting the BIG dish working
Hangin' out with the kids
Kayaking on the Sound
Hiking in Whidbey Island
Fairhaven, WA with old friends and Christi

We had a real treat when we saw 4 bald eagles at our campground.  They even hung out long enough for me to go back and get the camera! 
Took a side trip to Olympia to see yet another state capitol.  it was beautiful but we have seen ones we liked better.

Elected officials
Looking over the Sound from downtown Olympia
 It's never better than being with friends we've met along the way.  Meeting up with Betty (where we stay and Dan plays all the music, etc) was a very special treat.  She was on a bus trip that stopped in Seattle.  We can't wait to go back and stay at her place this winter.   
Pikes Market in Seattle, the home of the famous flying fish
 We took a trip up to Mt Rainer where we got to see the mountain for the first time up close.  It has always been cloudy and fogged in. 
This is the White River.....bet you can't guess why it's named that. LOL  It is white from the grinding of the rocks in the glaciers.  They call it Glacier flour.
Snookum Falls

It is one awesome mountain.
How quickly the weather can change on the mountain.
Notice the clouds coming in over the mountain
 One of many mountain lakes
Sunrise Lodge
Playing in the snow in July
WE all know how bad Dan is at Directions.  
Had a wonderful evening with more friends we met up with near Seattle that we had met at Betty's 
Happy Hour at Christi's.....wonderful....sunshine and all.
AND right before going to press our grandson Thomas bought himself a new ride!!!  Grandpa is jealous and is trying to spend all of his money making it reeeally hot!


  1. Looks like you have been having a great time.

  2. Washington sure has some lovely places to see! Don't think we're making it that far north this time, but it's definitely on our list.

  3. Good for you guys, wish we were there!

  4. I have to comment too. Beautiful pics & great post! Looks like you are having a great time visiting with family & friends. So nice you were able to get together with Betty, Peggy & Paul.

  5. Awesome photos, awesome scenery!! Have fun!