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Sunday, August 25, 2013

East WA

After spending wonderful time with our daughter and son-in-law and wonderful grandsons we headed east over the Cascades to eastern WA.
We stopped at our favorite lunch spot along the Skagit River 
We always forget how beautiful the passes are along Hwy 20
AND waterfalls right alongside the Hwy

A wonderful, relaxing stop at Jim & Cookies on the lake outside of Republic, WA.  What a great time!  Bonfires every night next to the water and laughter with great friends! 
Jim & Cookie took us to their hunting camp and while sitting there a little wild boar ran into the picture........oh, wait, thats Cody, our little buddy!
Crystal Falls outside of Colville, WA
Camping on the Pend Oreille River getting ready for Down River Days, a festival where they race snowmobiles across the river......yes that's right!  If they sink, a party boat with a hoist lifts them off the bottom....what a hoot!

 A short hike to Sweet Creek Falls.....beautiful! 
Box Canyon Dam, one of the dams along the Pend Orielle 
Free campground at Boundary Dam on the Canadian/US Border.  It's run by the power company and supplies 55% of Seattle's power all the way on the far west side.  Right around the corner here is a beautiful waterfall that you can only see by water.  We have done this before and will do it again when we return soon.   
Historic cabin in the campground
Dan just enjoying the beautiful view along the river here.....one of our favorite pieces of the world!
Just a little lake along the way to somewhere else
Got a great sighting on an eagle right along the river 
Dan just enjoying nature near the eagle
Another beautiful little lake on the way to somewhere else
 Boundary Dam from Vista House across the river.  Someone built this house and leaves it open to the public! 

 The old power building outside Metaline Falls.  Notice the gold mining going on in the river!
Looking into Canada from the top of the Dam.  We took a wonderful tour of  the Dam 
The inside of the dam is all in the rock!
 Our favorite NW campground with our hosts Gabe & Linda.....don't worry Betty they're #2! 
We took a wonderful hike up Elk Trail, passing this beautiful waterfall that just couldn't be captured in pics 

The view from the trail before reaching the waterfall
 The trail started here at Mill Pond....a beautiful place full of history of the mining in the area.  There is a hike here that shows the history that we have done before.


  1. Gorgeous, just gorgeous!!!! What great photos!

  2. Washington is just beautiful! Won't make it up there this trip, but for sure next go around!

  3. Wow those are some great looking places. Great pics n nice post.