We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ok.....we don't have beautiful scenery to show but fun with beautiful people!
We heard about this place that had great Creole food.....it was a fun outing for the group

Dan's a happy boy.....good friends brought their keyboard so play, play...play 
We are having the first annual Mardi Gras Ball this year at Betty's so us ladies have gone shopping for our ball gowns!  Our official name is KREWE DU BON TEMPS (KREWE OF GOOD TIMES)
Oh yeah, we also shopped for the guys.....they are going to look mighty sharp....AND we have bought more accessories! 
Another Saturday of music and friends at Touchets
AND dancing....

A wonderful evening eating seafood at Shucks 
And then off to Lafayette to see A Tuna Christmas......we laughed so hard ......a terrific play with only 2 actors playing about 20 characters 
Dan got his Christmas present early.....but he does have to leave it under the tree when he's not using it!
Bachelorette party.....not going to say a lot....pics say it all

Now Aunt Lillian dancing here at age 96...she out lasted me!!!


  1. Good for you guys... Enjoy life!!!!!
    Nice friends for sure

    1. And we are! We need to get together again....