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Sunday, April 13, 2014


 One more Presidential Library visited.....George W Bush in Dallas, TX.  We thought we had seen everything in Dallas and then the new library opened last year....so hear we are again.  It was good though as we visited a lot of friends on our way here.   
Dan hangin' with the Bush's
Me too

 You couldn't use flash inside the library so pictures were few and far between.  It was a very nice library.  In fact most all we have visited have been very well done.
This overhead wall was incredible....pictures can not show the movement.  It moved constantly and changed and was on all 4 walls overhead.
The new Pres & First Lady!!!

 The SMU grounds where the library is are beautiful.....another beautiful campus.

Lunch at the Twisted Root....Black bean burger!  Yummmmm!

Fun place!

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