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Sunday, April 27, 2014

New Mexico

 This is the first time we have taken our time and enjoyed Albuquerque and Santa Fe.  I (Merlene) have had trouble with elevation in the past and ended up in the hospital so we are very careful.  I didn't have any trouble here so yea!!!!! 
 Giant bull art piece along the road in the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere....Kodak moment!

 We checked out the Blue Hole in Santa Rosa where scuba divers can practice.  The Hole is a bell-shaped lake with a depth of 80 feet. It is an artesian well that has a constant inflow of 3000 gallons per minute.  The temperature stays at an almost-constant 64 degrees Fahrenheit.  The Blue Hole has clarity of up to 80 feet, making for clear dives and exploration.   
Old Town Albuquerque was nice but reminds us of Old Town San Diego.....pretty tourista. 
Playin' cowboys
Just loved this little mariachi guy

 The sculptures outside the Art Museum were wonderful!  
We walked around Nob Hill and loved it.  Quite an eclectic area with great places to eat and lots of healthy ones!  There was a hair salon restaurant and an art museum/shop restaurant.
This was a comic book store

Of course Dan found some good watering holes
Tractor Brewery had some good brews 
B2B Brewery had good beer and farm to table eats

We drove up the Turquoise Trail to Santa Fe and of  course had to have lunch at the local tavern in Madras.  They had local food and beers as well
 One of the entrances to the tavern

 Bottle house in Cerrillos
The Loretto Chapel is famous for it's staircase. The staircase has two 360 degree turns and no visible means of support
 Another beautiful church

And of course, the Santa Fe Capitol building.  This is the simplest Capitol we have visited.  Nothing spectacular, no dome just lots of art inside.  The interesting thing was there was also no security.  There was only two doors that said you must have an escort to enter.  You could even walk around in the governors area. 

 Awww... Spring is in the air at the Capitol
Oh gee....another brewery......good one.  Had to buy their Java Stout and a few other souvenirs 
Now finally for a way overdo hike 



  1. Where were those petroglyphs? We work-kamped at Bandelier National Monument for 3 months and truly enjoyed it! We love the cliff dwellings and petroglyphs!

  2. Great post. We love New Mexico. You have to check out Ojo Caliente some time.