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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Butte MT with Jim & Nancy Tidball

 After hearing that our friends Jim & Nancy were in Butte, MT for a few days we decided to hurry up and meet up with them.  We were battling weather that would not allow us to do some of the things we had planned, so it was perfect.
 Butte is a great little mining town full of history.  The original part of town is a thriving area which is good to see.  There are these headframes all over town with the name of the mine they were for and how deep they were and how many men died mining them.
 A walk down the street makes you feel like you were in the 1800's
There is a college of Mining here that has been there since the old mining days.  It is a great campus with a terrific view of the valley and the snow covered mountains
 We decided to try some local brews at the Quarry Brewery.....not bad!! 
 While posing for our picture Nanc & I discovered we were in front of the men's bathroom.  Luckily no one walked out!
  Then to dinner where Jim had BBQ which they are known for and the rest of us had a great salad
Oh yeah....and another local brew......
The town is filled with so many old historical landmarks like this hotel.  The sign lights up at night still!
 We drove up to the memorial to all the miners who died in a huge fire underground in 1917.  It is quite touching with recordings of the letters they wrote to their wives when they knew they weren't going to make it out.
Again there is a beautiful view from there
 The mine today, which is an open pit encompassing where many of the underground mines were.  You can see the headframes from them all over the hills. 
 Another great building 
 Another night of fun at the distillery (actually we went there 2 nights!)
 Our "tastes"
 Oh yeah....we can't take him anywhere!!
 Then to the Metals Sports Bar & Grill for dinner 
 We wanted to eat in the vault!
After dinner we heard live music playing at the bar across the street so we enjoyed the rest of the evening dancing and having another local brew.


  1. Great time with you two. See Ya Down the Road!!!!!

  2. looks like fun was had by all...