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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Wyoming at last!

We finally got a break in the weather and headed towards Wyoming although we started getting some pretty strong wind as we neared the border.  By the time we got into Cheyenne we were in some pretty nasty wind.
 But we did finally make it to Wyoming to check that state off on our quest to see all the states. 
 Wyoming has a terrific Visitor center in Cheyenne and really tells you a lot about the state.
 The fugitives!
 The Capitol is the most unpretentious one we have visited.....elegant but simple.....and no security and you can go anywhere and talk to anyone.
The original building

Our picture by their bell....as always! 
Stuffed Bison!

 Beautiful stained glass!
 We got a real treat....we started following a woman showing family members the capitol to hear the stories and got to go into the dome with them!!

 That's that beautiful dome you see from the inside!
It was truly a treat!!!
 We then visited the original Governors mansion

The house was decorated in different periods that it was in service.
 We stopped at a small museum in Hardin, WY.  They have moved historical buildings to a large piece of property to spare them from being torn down.....  Very interesting history here. 


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