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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Crawfish Boil & More

We made another trip to our favorite woodman, Gerald, where he showed us his "new" band saw which is really quite old and needs a lot of muscle to move the wood as needed as he turns logs into beautiful boards.

I finally won the bowl he turns and gives away when we visit.  I have several that I have bought each time we go.  Jim & Nancy got themselves a rue spoon. 
Then some of us went out for a Mexican lunch.  Not bad for Louisiana Mexican!  LOL
Saturdays are usually jam sessions here at Touchet's, where one of the RV'ers, Gaetan played and sang a few songs.  
AND we danced!
Always a fun time!
It was time for another crawfish boil.  Thanks to Wendel and Jim for a wonderful feast.  
Showing off the big ones.....it was Pat's 1st time to experience crawfish.
From live to ready to eat......it doesn't get any fresher than that!
Finally dining time
But the fun never stops......after dinner the entertainment started with Judy Bailey, Dave & Benny, with a guest appearance by Dan.
Jim tried his hands at playing the accordion and Nancy really wanted to play the sax.  
Plus there is even room for dancing!  By the way, the party started at 1pm with Bloody Marys to watch the crawfish cook. 


  1. I'm tellin' ya...you can never have too much fun there. Crawfish look great!

  2. Now just stop having so much fun! I really wanted to do that crawdad feast, but told Wendy we need to save something for next time. And what time did the happy hour end?;)