We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

We continue to have non-stop fun here at Betty's.  We are trying to enjoy every minute as our time here is slowly coming to an end.
Betty arranged a tour of the old Blacksmith shop in downtown Abbeville.
AND then on to the old train depot.
Playing on the caboose
Almost every Saturday we go to a Cajun jam session.  These folks were having just a little too much fun!!  Of course they are from Betty's.
Sunday morning we had a brunch with omelettes, potatoes, biscuits & gravy, fruit and of course Bloody Marys and mimosas. 
Betty whips up a mean omelet!

X-rated chefs......that's all I can say.....
Black Foreman who makes accordions and plays very well came to breakfast and then entertained us.  He tried to teach Dan to play Cajun.  Dan was in heaven! 

Then after a power nap it was off to the Beehive, a bar down the street to watch Judy Bailey play.

The fun seekers!
Betty kicked up her heels
AND THEN......a guest appearance by Dan.....his dream fulfilled.  He's a rock star..LOL
Of course he had his groupies
Fun fun fun
Just so you realize it's not all fun and play here, the boys repairing Jim's door handle.  Notice it took three of them!
Now, here is Betty's new clock.  WHY Betty has a new clock can not be disclosed as some things that happen here can NOT be told.  Just ask Jim Tidball, Ray Wright and Dan!! 


  1. Man, the fun never ends. Love that music, might go hear some swamp music at Gruene. The clock looks great,)

  2. Love the new clock! Forever a regular at Betty's. You guys are going to miss her for sure :(