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Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's been a while since we've updated our blog as we have been just enjoying life.  With just a few weeks left in LA at Betty's we took lots of pictures but no time to post!!!  Our dear friend has renamed our blog Slow Goan.  We should keep up to date a little better now.
Just another Happy hour jam session.....
that everyone got involved in......
AND the partying began!
St Patrick's Day with music, corned beef and cabbage, craw fish & shrimp.....it doesn't get any better than that! 
Dan dressed for the party
Lot's of green....lot's of fun
Even Wang, Scooter's (guitar player) traveling companion.  You can find more of his adventures @http://lifewithwang.blogspot.com/ 
Of course there is always dancing
Here comes the food through the pass through window
Good friends....good times
Girls day out.....we went shopping and out to lunch to a farm to table restaurant that was quite different from the "fried" fare and very good.
Waiting to get our 20 lbs of shrimp fresh off the boat
A day of cleaning, shelling and deveining over a 100 lbs of shrimp
We also got 12 crabs with our friends Jim & Cookie.  Jim cooked them with a little (very little..LOL) from Dan
Cleaning them.....
And finally our crab feast!!!  It was worth it.  Jim made crab cocktail the next day with the leftovers.....they were to die for.....thanks Jim!  
Geno Delofause in Magdalen Square in downtown Abbeville.  What a treat!  
Betty's favorite singer.....he even remembered her and mentioned her and the park on stage.....what a thrill!
Now a bagpipe player @ Betty's was a first.  He learned the bagpipes to play at his daughters wedding and now carries a small traveling bagpipe.
Most of the group went to the Red Barn for a wonderful concert and dance.  Here is D.L. Menard who wrote the Back Door which is the first song everyone learns to play in Cajun music.  On the right is Black Forman who not only plays a mean squeeze box but makes the Forman accordion.  Now there stands a lot of talent. 
Party for Jim's Bday

Our last jam session before leaving and we went out big!  Dan took the stage to play some rhythm and Barb and Celine went up and played the washboard....and with very little practice!
We all had a great time!
Joe (from the regular band) teaching us how to do the Cajun holler
Our last night was a big one.....not only was it Easter but Betty's big 70 birthday.   
Of course we had a potluck with the usual feast.....
It was also Jim, Buzz and Sandra's bday's near Betty's and Peggy & Paul share their anniversary with Betty.
A lot of us went together to get Betty a Flag for her flag pole.  
There was money left over to buy a few boxes of wine as well
And a wine and look at Betty's new hooters!
A Fireball toast!
What happens at Betty's stays at Betty's..........

We're going to miss being at Betty's but it is time for us to move on and have new adventures.  We will be back if we are so lucky. 


  1. So much fun! Betty's party looked like a hoot. Love the new flag, and the cake looked so good! I'm sure all that wine will come in handy for happy hours :)

  2. Wang and I should have stayed for the crabs!